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How do I record live BBC radio using `get_iplayer`?

I want to record the cricket from Five Live Sports Extra overnight so that I can listen to it tomorrow without a net connection.

I have installed get_iplayer (and mplayer and ffmpeg and lame).

I am having trouble understanding the manual.

I am using this command to record from Five Live (as Sports Extra is not broadcasting at this minute)

get_iplayer --liveradiomode realaudio2 --pid radio:bbc_radio_five_live --force

The --liveradiomode parameter is ignored, whatever I put there. get_iplayer attempts to download using flashaacstd1 before downloading using realaudio1... but this downloads a 16second message informing me that the RealAudio stream no longer works.

I am using get_iplayer version 2.66-1, as packaged in Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.

Edit: This command is working for me to record Five Live:

get_iplayer --liveradiomode flashaac --amode=wma1 --pid radio:bbc_radio_five_live

So, problem solved :-)

1 Answer

This works:

get_iplayer --liveradiomode flashaac --amode=wma1 --pid radio:bbc_radio_five_live