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System Tray Network icon marked with red X, while all connections are fine!

On my Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 machine, the system tray network icon is showing with a big red X over it, even though all the network adapters and wireless dongles are working perfectly.

For appearance's sake I've hidden the icon, but I haven't figured out the root cause yet.

I believe it started when I was trying to install a Bluetooth USB dongle. I've removed all those drivers. On a side note, I also have issues with Windows 7 Resource Monitor: it will start but it won't show any data or statistics.

I've tried to reset the tray icon cache but this had no effect. Any ideas?

1 Answer

Could you post a screen shot of the icon? There are things other than network connections that can show an X. How many network connections do you have? You could have two Ethernet connections (a card and a motherboard connector) and multiple wireless (WiFi, 3G) connections available and be connected to the internet on one while another connection is not.