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How to make Thunderbird compose mail with “Paragraph” as default?

I'm trying to do the exact opposite of How To Make Thunderbird Compose Mail With "Body Text" As Default?. So my current default setting for composition is "Body Text", but I want it to be "Paragraph".


Just doing it the opposite way of the accepted answer doesn't work: If I select Format⇒Paragraph⇒Paragraph (from the menu bar), it does the formatting for the current e-mail; when I open another message, however, it starts out with "Paragraph" selected, but as soon as I type the first letter of my e-mail, it changes to "Body Text".

Is this a bug? Can anybody reproduce this behavior?

1 Answer

Answer: You can't. (I would love for the TB team to invalidate this answer some day.)

For me, I've coped by including the Alt+O P P keystrokes into my composition routine, which quickly sets the format to Paragraph for new messages.