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Silverlight hardware-accelerated playback is greyed-out - How do I enable it?

I am trying to play Netflix videos (which only play via Silverlight), but they play choppy because Silverlight's hardware-accelerated playback is disabled.

(video playback on WMP11 and VLC is flawless, so I know beyond certainty that my built-in video card's hardware is perfectly capable of hardware-accelerated playback)

enter image description here

I have the latest & greatest Silverlight version: 5.1.10411.0

And I tried to "un-grey-it-out" via the Registry's GPUVideoDecodeEnabled and UpdateMode, but that didn't help.

Is there any way to "un-grey-it-out"?

1 Answer

I tried to find definitive system requirements for Silverlight but the info is pretty sparse. Check out the following requirements from the MSDN site -

This MSDN Blog gives additional detail -

Are you the administrator for this computer? Per the message at the bottom of the dialog box, you may have to enable it on the admin account first.