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what is and how to remove it?

I was reinstalling windows (namely installing windows 8 instead of windows 7). But then chrome suddenly closed. When I started it, it had that annoying home page

that I don't know how to get rid of. I tried removing the argument in chrome's shortcut and changing chrome settings (Set pages). Also it made itself the default search engine and who knows what else. I thought that it must be µTorrent's doing. So I decided to: 1) reinstall windows once again, 2) give tixity a try. But to my surprise just after installing windows 8 and running internet explorer I saw that very page.

I'm now going to reinstall windows once again, but move the content of the disk into a folder first, so that windows wouldn't inherit anything, if that's what's happening.

But I'm open to your suggestions. I doubt reinstalling windows will do any better. Also, do you know by any chance what it is and where it came from? I saw similar report on µTorrent's forum.

UPD Well, I reformatted hard drive, installed windows and I can't see v9 anywhere now.

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