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Windows Update not working in the Windows 8 Add Printer dialog

I am trying to add a legacy LPT EPSON printer to my Windows 8 system, but it isn't listed in the base list in the Add Printer dialog (the one which opens when I choose to add the printer manually).

The problem is, when I click the Windows Update button, it opens a new window saying it's updating the printer list, but after ~15 minutes it times out saying it cannot access the server.

Internet is obviously working, and this is not a temporary issue (I tried it several times over the last couple of days).

This thread describes a similar problem in Windows 7, but the proposed solution says it will result in me losing all Windows Update history, and I am not sure about other implications it might have.

Has anyone had similar problems before?


Additionally, the printer is listed as compatible on this Windows Compatibility Center page, and the page directs me to this Microsoft Update Catalog page, but I don't have a clue how to download the "update".

If anyone knows how to use the Catalog, it might solve my problem.

1 Answer

Since the built in Windows Update isn't working, you might try using the Microsoft Compatibility Center link.

You'll need IE, and you'll need to accept the Windows Update control or whatever it is. At that point, you should see driver, which you can add to your basket. After adding it, you can "view basket", and there'll be a download link in the upper right.