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why has my computer mouse started jumping and freezing?

I have an Imac which i have been running on 10.6 for ages and was fine but I just upgraded to 10.9.1.

It was working fine for a week and now my mouse either moves with incredible slowness and short steps requiring multiple swipes to get the cursor across the screen, or it will go quite fast and have the cursor far from where I intended.

My mouse is a wireless optical mouse but I tried a wired optical mouse and there was no change. Is it something in the OSX? or have my mouse drivers betrayed me or something?

If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated, It is becoming increasingly irritating and difficult to use.

Thanks, Ivan.

1 Answer

Mouse pointers typically slow down when the computer is running hard, accessing the hard drive and/or performing memory operations. The computer can't keep up with redrawing every frame of the pointer so it jumps from point to point as some frames are skipped. I would check what is running in the background and try and free up some resources.