Cannot connect to the real

Cannot connect to the real

Keep getting error , whenever i connect to on chrome, firefox and safari.!


Technical details has asked Chrome to block any certificates with errors, but thecertificate that Chrome received during this connection attempt has an error.Error type: HSTS failureSubject: VMwareIssuer: VMwarePublic key hashes: sha1/zPBcrobL4QcJEuRiWy5VeozbFYk=sha256/H1zIqHvCaU6Vl3LKB18zv7BMisPuUY0bGATZiDjFlX4=

1 Answer

Looks like your browser is hitting a proxy on the way to It may be on purpose or not but that’s the basic issue.Youtube does not use a certificate issued by VMWare and issued to VMWare.Do you have problems with other ssl sites? Try – same error?

Update: Looks like you are running a web-server locally on port 90 (try telnet 80 and telnet 443 to see if you get responses). For whatever reason is resolving to which is an IP address reserved for referring to the local host. These are two separate things that you might want to understand the cause of. You should be aware that you are running a webserver locally – looks like it may have been setup automatically by VMWare but that the OS you are discussing is actually a guest OS (ie it is a VM) rather than a host OS (ie it runs VMs); if you are surprised that you are running a webserver locally than you may have security problems.

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