Dropbox download speeds are terrible

Dropbox download speeds are terrible

OS: OSX 10.10.2Router: Cisco RV320, updatedAP: Ubiquiti Unifi AP-PROSwiches: HP Procurve managed

I have gigabit internet, both up and down, and my speeds generally do not dip below 800mbit. The rest of my internet usage experiences no problems of any nature whatever, but my Dropbox sync speeds (Dropbox -> me) never get above 1.25mbit. Uploads (me -> Dropbox) are OK and are not in question here.

Traceroutes from me to Dropbox indicate that packets die off somewhere inside their network; on their own request I have provided traceroutes to dropbox.com, client.dropbox.com and client-cf.dropbox.com all with the same results.

When using their own speedtest site, their results bear out what I have written above.

The local client on my computer is not set to limit my sync speeds, nor is port 443 blocked either locally or at ISP level. Whether I use Dropbox desktop client or web interface is immaterial – download speeds stay the same.

Whether I am downloading a collection of small files i.e. photos, or one large .tar is immaterial – download speeds stay the same.

Whether I use wifi or wired (my house is 10gigE wired throughout and I have an professional-level router and separate AP) is also immaterial.

I have swapped out my routers and switches multiple times. I have connected my computer directly to the internet connection. I am not running any onerous firewall software.

My ISP has looked into it over the course of several days and have concluded that the fault lies with Dropbox. Dropbox deny this, and place the blame on my ISP. I do not think that I can fault my ISP in this matter as their own internet speedtest results are consistently fast and present no problems using any other services.

I am at my wits’ end.

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