Find a Directory/Folder with CMD without knowing full path

Find a Directory/Folder with CMD without knowing full path

I don’t know the full path to a folder, just the folder name. I would like to find everywhere where this folder is using CMD. Is there a command that does this?

I am looking for an equivalent to *nix’s:

find . -name <folder name> -type d

Is there anything like that in Windows CMD? I know dir /s …

1 Answer

So at the root of the drive:

dir <Folder Name> /AD /s

  1. switch to the root-search-folder (e.g. C:)
  2. type dir /S /P <file or foldername> (/P pauses after each screenful of information)

If you’d like a list of all occurances of a specific filename, you can simply redirect the output to a file:

dir /S <filename> > c:results.txt

You can also narrow down your results by using the /A switch of the dir command.If you’d like to only list directories, you can append /AD to your command:

dir /S /P <filename> /AD

Other possibilities are:

/A Displays files with specified attributes. attributes D Directories R Read-only files H Hidden files A Files ready for archiving S System files I Not content indexed files L Reparse Points – Prefix meaning not

If you’d like to know more about the dir command, just type dir /?into your cmd.

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