Is there any software that can reliably change my IP address without having to unplug router?

Is there any software that can reliably change my IP address without having to unplug router?

Alright, so, there is a certain website that keeps… I’m not sure exactly what the right term is… attacking, hacking, my computer, I guess? With a DNS spoofing or DNS cache poisoning attack, and diverting me to a very annoying and unwanted pornographic website. Anyway, long story short, I try running things like Malwarebytes and such to get rid of it; it doesn’t get rid of it (possibly because it’s not actually on my computer, per se?). I don’t know, whatever, it’s getting extremely frustrating and I don’t have the wherewithal to deal with trying to get rid of it anymore, I just want to get around it!

The easiest workaround to be able to get back on the site without having to deal with the stupid DNS spoofing spam/nuisance is simply to change my IP address, though that is still easier said than done. I was able to do it by unplugging my wireless router, letting it sit for about an hour, then plugging it back in. Obviously, I don’t feel like having to deal with this every time I get infected with this nonsense. Is there any simple, user-friendly software that would allow me to just edit my IP address without any hassle?

I have tried IP Change Easy, but it seems to be too confusing for me, despite the deceptive name. It has all these things with profiles, different types of network connections, (I don’t know which is the one I need) MAC, all this stuff; I can’t get it to work, when I try, I either still show up as having the same public IP address, or I just can no longer access the internet at all (saying things like “This webpage is not available” regardless of what site I type in). So, what should I do here?

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If it’s only one website, it could be some sort of problem at that specific website, an XSS attack for example. A friend of mine wordpress got hacked once and they placed header redirections on the wordpress installation. If it’s truly a DNS cache poisoning attack, you could use google DNS servers as pointed by @user322035.

Also try flushing out the DNS:

From an Admin Prompt:ipconfig /flushdns

Is your assigned DNS server actually being changed, or are you being redirected to these sites by browser malware stuff? Try hardcoding the DNS server. You can use anything you want. is google.

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