Trouble uninstalling .net framework 4

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  • Trouble uninstalling .net framework 4

    I wish to install Liquid XML Studio which requires .Net framework version 4.

    I installed it yesterday and it worked fine without complaining but this screwed my Microsoft Management studio and since then I am trying to uninstall it. And keeps complaining about the compatibility. Says:

    Blocking Issues:

    This setup program requires an x86 computer. It cannot be installed on x64 or IA64 computers. For more information, see the Readme file.

    Why did it install on a x64 then? How can I uninstall this please?

    P.S. I get this when I try uninstalling .net framework 4 client profile or .net framework 4 extended ?

    Also, I still can’t run the xml studio .. it complains about missing .net framework 4!and when I try to install a fresh one, it says that .net framework is already installed on computer!

    1 Answer

    I would remove the .NET installation with the .NET Framework cleanup tool, available from

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