Update Windows 7 laptop domain profile over VPN

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  • Update Windows 7 laptop domain profile over VPN

    I have a company laptop that is a member of our domain, and I access the network using the Cisco VPN client I just changed my domain password at work using my desktop computer, and now the laptop profile is out of sync. It still uses the previous password. In lieu of bringing the laptop into work, how can I update the profile on my laptop over the VPN? The laptop runs Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

    1 Answer


    • Log in on the laptop without network and using the old password.
    • Then connect the network and start your VPN connection to work.
    • Now lock your laptop. control-alt-del Lock).
    • Then unlock it using the new password.

    At the time of unlocking the computer is connected to the domain (via the VPN tunnel) and it will verify the password with the domain. As a side effect this will update the password on the laptop.

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