Use the same VM wtih VMware player and Virtualbox

Use the same VM wtih VMware player and Virtualbox

I have some problems with my VMWare player installation (possibly a bug). So, I want to try to run my VMs with VirtualBox, without converting them.

So, is it safe to run my VMs with VirtualBox and when the VMware player’s bug is fixed stop using VirtualBox and use the Player again?

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First of all, you can not copy virtual machines, but you can export/import them to common open format or use the hard disk image in several machines. Secondly, different virtualization systems emulate completely different devices. Linux guest is OK, but Windows may get upset. Finally, you can’t use snapshots and other similar things cause they are not exported.

I tried and found the following issues.

  1. You can run the same VM on VMWare and VirtualBox, as long as you do not use Snapshots
  2. You do do convert VMDKs to other formats
  3. You do not start the Guest additions (or the VMWare Tools) automatically.

On a side note, in my case Virtualbox is faster and thus, I kept that.

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