Where can I find my office account email for office 365

Where can I find my office account email for office 365

I purchased office 365. In order to install on my computer I had to log in with email so I quickly made an email. The package I purchased allowed for install on five computers. But when I try to install on a different computer it asks me to give the email. The problem is I forgot what the email is.. There are options that can help out if one lost password but in this case it concerns email not password. My question: Where in office 365 can I find the email for which I did the first install?

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If you don’t remember your account information, it should be written in the downloaded software. If your software is already removed, try to get it back with system restore. If all fails, you still have your payment information to Microsoft. Contact MS and have them tell you what your access information is for Office 365.

If you’re having troubles remembering accounts / passwords, I advise you to use something like KeePass 2. It’s a free software that keeps an encrypted database in which you can store all your different accounts and passwords. If you’re afraid of losing it, you can keep a copy of its db on cloud storage, external drive, etc.

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